Dine and Donate

5pm – 10pm

Wednesday Night Charity Events

Why have your charity night at Sip? It’s a fun and easy way to raise money for the charity you are passionate about. Simply invite folks to come grab a drink and donate to your charity!

The Keys to successful events:

  1. Planning – get the event invitations out ASAP.
  2. Select your two best guest promotors that have access and appeal to different networks of people.
  3. Focus on ATTENDANCE; so get your folks here early (5pm) and keep them here late (10pm).
  4. 3 ways to raise MONEY:
    1. Donations; encourage folks to donate to your cause.
    2. Percentage of sales; Sip will donate 10% of sales from the night.
    3. Raffles and other fundraiser; Be creative and think of FUNraisers you could include for your guest to participate in.
  5. Have fun and enjoy!

The main objective is to fill Sip Downtown Brasserie and keep it full from 5pm until closing (10pm) on the event date.

You are responsible to advertise and market the night of your event, but please send an invitation to a minimum of 100 people. After we agree on an event date, we will set up an event on Facebook and make you a host so that you can edit the event and add other hosts as needed. After this is complete, “Select Guests to Invite” and begin your marketing. THE MORE FOLKS YOU INVITE THE BETTER! Marketing is your only responsibility prior to the event so get started and continue to spread the word by sending your own emails, providing fliers with the Sip logo (we will provide the logo) and any other method to get your folks in attendance.

THE DAY OF: The 2 volunteers will arrive at 4:45pm for training and preparation. You will be taught about Sip, familiarize yourself to the restaurant, and understand the ways to maximixe your fundraising efforts. The event begins at 5pm! You are encouraged to wear your charities shirt or matching shirts and comfortable, closed toe shoes.

TIP 1: DONATIONS are the Main Source of Fundraising. Please make sure that your invitees are aware of this. Also, the more invitees you stagger over the 5 hour event the more profits you can make; the key is to keep maximal occupancy.

TIP 2: MARKET, MARKET MARKET. Sip Downtown Brasserie is a place “Where Friends Meet”, and it saddens us when you show up and your friends do not.  Invite, invite, invite!